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The Fairfield Glade Ladies Club is a Section 501(c)(3) organization.  A receipt form for
your tax deductible donation is available on Travel, Service Projects, and Events pages.
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Missouri "Merry Christmas" Celebration
Fashion Show Tickets on Sale to All

Tickets are on sale for our April 4, 2018 Fashion Show -  "Be-you-tiful."  
Tickets are $25.00. At last word there were about 20 left and are available
to the general public now.  Get them at Collage in the Village Green Mall in
Fairfield Glade (931.456.4400).

Chico's will supply all the latest trendy fashions to be modeled by Ladies
Club members. It promises to be an absolutely enjoyable event.
    The Ladies Club has a brand new team of 5+
    ladies who are volunteering to prepare meals for
    Bread of Life once a month starting in March.

    Congratulations and Thank You!